Silicone Small Mixing Bowl

  • Material:flexible silicone rubber.
  • Resistance to high temperature 134℃.
  • Washable for repeated use.
  • Sucker cup bottom, with easy to put the bowls firmly on the smooth surface such as glass.
  • Size:
    XS 25x25mm, capacity: 5ml
    S 31x23mm, capacity: 8ml
    M 36x38mm, capacity: 10ml
    L 50x40mm, capacity: 30ml
    XL 70x55mm, capacity: 100ml
Size Ref
XL 70x55mm 295-1-19B
L 50x40mm 295-2-19B
M 36x38mm 295-3-19B
S 31x23mm 295-4-19B
XS 25x25mm 295-5-19B

XL: 1pc/box, 144boxes/ctn

L: 12pc/box, 25boxes/ctn

M: 12pc/box, 56boxes/ctn

S: 12pc/box, 120boxes/ctn

XS:12pc/box, 144boxes/ctn